Winning the TRANSPAC with Squid

Winning the TRANSPAC with Squid


Invisible Hand skippered by Frank Slootman and Christopher Lewis as navigator is the overall winner of the Transpac 2017.  They use our pre-race briefing to build this victory.

As we can provide for every sailing race, Invisible Hand has received our 3 days pre-race briefing with in depth analysis of weather conditions and forecasts.

This was even more usefull for them as for the Transpac 2017, no external weather info (that are not free) can be used on-board of the sailing boats taking part in this Pacific passage.  The weather analysis before the start based on our best experience was then the killing weapon to route Invisible Hand to the victory.

This weather briefing is humanly written taking into account all in's & out's of your boat (polar file, crew experience, sea safety, ...), race course (offshore, inshore, cape, bay, local effects, ...) and the best hi-res weather forecasts available through SQUID.

It is updated from 3 days before the start till the last drop of info is available some hours before the starting procedure.

Congratulations and thanks to the skipper, navigator and all the crew of Invisible Hand for this winning choice !




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