Great Circle API documentations

Welcome to Great Circle's API documentation website. As of right now, our APIs are :

Forecast API

We provide a modular, yet easy to use, forecasting API allowing you to get forecast data for a wide range of weather variables such as (but not limited to) wind, pressure, temperature, precipitations, sea currents, etc. for a specified location.

These forecasts can be computed for every location on the planet, with time interval varying from 1 minute to 3 hours and up to a horizon of 7 days into the future.

Routing API

We provide a modular, yet easy to use, vessel (sailing & motor) routing API allowing you to get the best isochronic forecast route using your own polar data and wind, sea state weather information for a specified route with potentially several waypoints.

The route can be carried out with several weather models such as GFS or ECMWF and using various time-steps and different weather model resolutions (1,0 ° to 0,125°).

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