HiRes North America / Carribeans


HIRES is the indispensable tool for your regattas and cruises in North America and in the Carribean islands.
Access to the best high resolution models, hourly forecast and one kilometre resolution for most of the areas.

Anticipate the wind speed and direction shifts all day long
Optimise your routing according to the wind and the current with the routing module

This subscription will be automatically renewed at its expiry unless explicitly stated by you.

Duration: 1 month



Squid has been chosen as official weather provider since 2014 for all the teams of the Volvo Ocean Race. Squid also provides marine weather services for the 27 boats of the Vendée Globe as well as for most of the sailing boats that have won all the major regattas these last years. Chosen by the greatest figures in sailing and by numerous amateurs eager to operate a high-quality tool, Squid has proved tremendous success through its data and service expertise.

Squid, your best mate for all your navigation projects.


forecasts squidForecast Models
  • ECMWF 36 km (opendata)
  • HRRR 3 km - hourly updated
  • RAP 11 km - hourly updated
  • NAM 9 km
  • NAM Nest Conus 5 km
  • High Resolution St-Lawrence river 3 km
  • Arôme - Météo France 2,5 km (Currently the best model for French Carribean and Guyana)
  • GFS (25, 56 & 112 km) for 10 days
  • GEFS probabilist/ensemble models (56km, 20 scenarii + Average & Control)


forecasts squidWaves & currents
  • WW3 (52 km)
  • MyOcean Mercator (8 km)


observations squidObservations & charts
  • Synoptic charts (Bracknell, … )
  • Observations from weather bouys


routage squidRouting
  • Route & waypoints
  • Polar editor
  • Isochronic routeing
  • Best-Start : help you choose the best start schedule (safety, performance, maximum conditions,... )


routage squidFeatures
  • Squid is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Optimisation of the file compression to reduce size and time of data transfer on-board
  • Multiple display mode / layers (barbs, streamlines, meteograms, …)
  • Gribmail : receive your forecast and routing by mail (essential if you use an Satellite/Iridium phone)


routage squidSupport
  • Free online tutorials
  • customers helpdesk by e-mail

When you subscribe to this package, you are charged at the beginning of the chosen period. At the end of the first period of your subscription, it is automatically renewed (via the same payment method as when you initially placed your order). You have the option to cancel your subscription in your personal area at any time. When a cancellation is requested, your subscription remains active until the end of the current period.