Please find hereunder some frequently asked questions to our customer service.

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How can I use my subscription made on a Mobile Apple device on other version of Squid ?

To use your account / subscription on several devices , you have to merge it with a web account.

so, here are the steps : 

 1. Create for free an account on our website : (your email will be your login, and choose a password)

 2. Wait 3 to 5 minutes so our servers will synchronise.

 3. Connect / Login on the mobile you use to subscribe to a squid package

 4. Accept the suggestion to merge

 5. Use the same login on the other device, you should then have the same package on both mobile or other devices

How do I cancel the autorenewal of my subscription ?

Since April 2018, all our package are by default automatically renewed at the end ... but you can cancel this process anytime (and still enjoy what you have paid for till the end of the current period).

To cancel your subscription made on our website, just login in your account and go to "My Subscription" page ... there is a link on the right side of the page to cancel the package (in the "action column).

If you have bought on your mobile through the mobile app ... you will need to cancel it in Apple subscription manager directly.

(like explained here :

I have a white screen when running SQUID X ?

On which system do you run Squid X ?

If Windows, Delete the folder :  "C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingSquid X" manually(it can be hidden but it actually exists)

If MacOs , remove the states by deleting the folder :  /users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Squid  X
(this folder can be hidden by the system, activate / unhide folders to delete it,