Arome and Arpège in Squid

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French weather models (Arpège and Arome) are now available on Squid

Météo-France now provides Arpège (global french weather model) and Arome (HiRes french weather model). Great-Circle is happy to include as standard these models in all available subscriptions, for free, at least until 2015. These models are available under 3 types:

  • Arpège 0.5 deg:
    • Area: World
    • 4 updates per day
    • End step: More than 72h (depending on Meteo-France)
  • Arpège 0.1 deg ("Europe"):
    • Area: Europe
    • 4 updates per day
    • End step: 72 h
  • Arome 0.025 deg
    • Area: France
    • 5 updates per day
    • End step: more than 36h (depending on Météo-France)

These models are automatically added to your weather model catalog. When  Squid is opened, just select an area and these new models will appear in the weather model list. If these models are not in the list yet, you need to refresh your weather model catalog: Click on "weather" (top menu), then "update weather catalog".

We checked to make sure these GRIB were compatible with Adrena and Expedition.
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