Grib file compression

With Great Circle you will have the opportunity to use the High Compression Grib at upload time. It allows you to load your Grib directly or to receive it on your board mail even with a particular connexion (as satellite)

Select the area and download the GRIB


In the area selection, choose a model, variables, and step.  Then check “GC High Comrpession” button.


For an accurate request, click on « advanced mode »


For the GribMail

When you are une the advanced menu choose the area, the model, the step, the variables, and select the option « GC High Compression » - to receive the GRIB on your board mail send the Squidmail – open it in your box mail.


For a direct loading :

Select « direct loading » 


In the advanced menu choose the area, the model, the steps, the variables, select the option « GC High Compression” – and then download directly your GRIB.


Display your GRIB in Squid

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