Navigation software - create a new route (tuto5)

Routing ? Best-Start ? Start with the creation of a new route with Squid, a marine navigation software.

Polar speed, remember? This is what we saw in the last tutorial. We will learn in this article the routing with Squid, our marine navigation software,. Specifically how to create a route, it is very simple.

Where is routing in our marine navigation software ?

Squid is a marine weather software, but it can be a marine navigation software with its tools routing and best-start.

To do routing or best-start, we need to know our starting point and arrival point and any way points. And all of this with Squid.

Several options are available to you to create your route (in the left menu):

  • 'New route' icon
  • 'Routing' icon
  • 'Best-Start' icon

Once you have selected the 'routing' icon, a window opens. In the second part, you can enter your departure and arrival details.

To trace a new route

Click on 'new route' , a window opens.

squid marine navigation software 

Starting and arrival points

Zoom into the area and click on the map where you want to place your starting point.

Then, click to place of arrivals points. This is the same method.

To disable the new road, click again on the icon 'add waypoints' or if you want to delete a point click on the minus sign.

To add way points ?

Right-click on the route and select 'insert waypoint'. It is the same approach as before.

marine navigation software squid

To finish the new route

When the road is traced, save it in the marine navigation software. You can then click on the routing icon

Your starting point and destination parameters are loaded (the way points too, although they are not visible).

routage squidr 

You can make a routing but keep this topic for the next tuto.


In the next tutorial, we will see how to use Squid navigation software and make routing according to weather conditions.

If you have any questions or if you have problems with Squid please send us on our facebook page, we will be happy to help you and share the solution.

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