What's to be done in case of authentification error?

What's to be done in case of authentification error?

You recently got a new subscription, but Squid refuses to connect to your account?

No need to panic!
Indeed, Squid records on your computer the detail of the available subscriptions to propose you the contents adapted to your account.

Probably these informations are not completely updated...
The updating of squid is normally automatic when you start it.

However it may happen that it is not the case:
· When Squid works on offline mode.
· If the mode "low brandwith" is activated (this mode is automatically activated when the connection is slow).
You can disconnect these parameters, or make the update manually.

Once these stripped parameters, the update will be done automatically with the next restarting of Squid. After that, the login should function.

To force the update:

Close your Squid’s session by clicking on “config” => “user account” => “log out”.

 Then click on "meteo" => "update catalog".

Your catalog is updated.

Finally connect yourself by clicking on "config" => "user account" then use your ids.

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