Testimony of Adrien Hardy about Squid

Born on the 28th of May of 1984, Adrien Hardy is an officer of the merchant navy (graduated of the “École Nationale Supérieure Maritime”).

As of 15 years, Adrien is double champion of France in series 420. It is with a rich course of a prize list of excellent skipper that Adrien Hardy is included in 2009 in the Class40 category and wins the Solitary of the Chocolate, then in 2015 with the Transatlantic race Jacques Vabre in category IMOCA where he finishes 4th with Thomas Ruyant. 

1. Since when do you work with Squid?

I am working with Great Circle since they started the project. So that means that I am using Squid for a couple of years already. 

The versions from today and since the creation of Squid has been changed tremendously and a lot of updates are still on the way and  give us  new features in the software.

2. How do you use this software?

I have two ways to use this software. The first way is situated before a departure race and also how to define the best departure routing or to make several strategies. The second way is situated during the race on the boat. The big advantage with  “Squid” is that in a few clicks “Squid” give us the possibility to have  easily a weather report. Before “squid “ was created we were all working with different browser, such as a German card or an English weather forecast, or a grib or a satellite map. Can you imagine how difficult this was to get all this data before a departure race. Now we don’t need to collect all this different data anymore. In a few clicks we can download everything we need. It’s really a saving of time and work.

On the Jaques Fabres Transat the weather conditions were quiet bad but even in this case we could manage to have this tool working really well, without bugs. There is no doubt “squid” is a complete tool.

3.What is the main asset of Squid experiencing this software with you?

Squid includes all the necessary data you would need before departure and during your race. You only need to log in with your password.  Squid  is really simple, you only need  one access and one subscription,... and you have everything! Squid develops High resolution models, who  will be essential in a race like “La Solitaire du Figaro” in which I participate. Bernard who is metereologist helped me in different ways (meteorologist at Great Circle)

4. What Squid brought to your navigation?

This tool helps us to make the best decision or to be more clear-sighted in a way. The analysis of the data arrives very fast in the system, so we do not waste our time anymore on different other models. The biggest advantage of “Squid” is the background for his clients. In case you have a question, Great Circle is there to answers your questions as soon as possible. The team of Great Circle has a nice relationship with his clients, they are trying to solve the problem as soon as they can.

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