Testimony of Will Oxley about Squid

1. Since when do you navigate with Squid?

W.O. : I started using Squid at the beginning of the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. All the Volvo race yachts had Squid and we all had access to the same weather information with a daily quota of 25mb/day.

2. How do you use this software?

W.O. : My primary use of the product is to access GRIB files. I select the area I want, the time steps and the variables then press Download GRIB. It is as easy as that. When I have limited bandwidth or a quota restriction because of cost or a rule like in the VOR, then I will often get detailed information for the first 48 hours on a small area. I will then run another GRIB request on a larger area with less resolution and fewer time steps. This allow me to look in detail at the first 48 hours but then also run the routing out for 10 days at a lower resolution to keep an eye on the big picture.

I also use Squid to download high resolution satellite pictures. These images can be loaded directly into Expedition without any further geo-referencing. This allows you to very quickly look at the Sat pic in relation to your position and preferred course. When you also overlay the wind GRIB you get a much better understanding of what is going on. Of course you can also do this directly in Squid, however I do prefer doing my analyses in Expedition.

I also use the very useful features to download and analyse Ensemble data within Squid.

3. What is the main asset of Squid for you?

W.O. : The biggest asset of Squid for me is quick and easy access to high resolution GRIB data (especially the EC) and satellite imagery and the excellent interface with the software program Expedition.

4. What did Squid bring to your navigation?

W.O. : Squid has allowed me to be more precise in my navigation. This is because I need to spend less time accessing and sourcing information so I have more time for analyses of the weather and strategic situation.

5. What is your experience with Christian and Bernard during the last Volvo ocean Race (Team Alvimedica)?

W.O. : I have been lucky enough to work with Christian since the 2005-06 VOR. In the most recent race Christian and Bernard worked very closely with Alvimedica and were instrumental in our success on the race course. They did a great job of helping me with my job but also in explaining complex weather situations and climatological data to the rest of the crew in our regular weather briefings leading up to each leg of the race. This was popular with the team and helped me when we had to make difficult but key decisions during a leg and I could often refer back to one of the pre-race briefings to help explain the options and preferred route.

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