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Squid is a marine weather software which enables its users to prepare the weather for a race or a cruise. It enables them to download a lot of meteorological information according to your subscription:


Observation data:

    • Satellite images (Visible, Infrared, Water vapor, colorized infrared, colorized Visible produced by Great-Circle) of the main active satellites
      • Meteosat 10
      • Meteosat RSS
      • Meteosat 7
      • MTSAT
      • GOES West
      • GOES East
      • GOES CONUS
    • Data of the main weather stations:
      • METAR
      • SYNOP
      • BUOY
    • Wind observation data,  by satellite:
      • scatterometry
    • Observation data of the temperature of the sea surface
    • Weather chart ('synoptic') of major weather centers
      • Bracknell
      • DWD
      • KNMI
      • NOAA
      • ...

Squid - satellite imagesSquid - Observations

Forecast data

    • Weather files (GRIB format : GRIB1 GRIB2) of major weather models
      • GFS: 'Global Forecast System', from US forecasting center (NOAA)
      • IFS: 'Integrate Forecast System', from European center (CEP or ECMWF)
      • GEM: 'Global Environement Model' from Canadian center
      • GEFS: Ensemble model from US center
    • Weather files (GRIB format : GRIB1 GRIB2) of high resolution weather models:
      • GCWF (15km resolution): based on the 'Weather Reasearch and Forecasting model' (WRF), on some areas of the world
      • GCWF + (3km resolution):  based on the 'Weather Research and Forecasting model' (WRF), on some areas of the world
      • GCWF Ultra (1km resolution): based on the 'Weather Research and Forecasting model' (WRF), on some areas of the world
      • CEP Hirlam (10 km resolution): based on the model developed by the KNMI in Europe
    • The sea state  files (also in GRIB1 or GRIB2 format):
      • WW3: wave model developed by NOAA
      • WW3EU
    • The marine currents files
      • OFS: "Ocean Forecast System" from US center (NOAA)
      • MyOcean Mercator: Model Mercator from consortium MyOcean
      • MyOcean IBI: Tidal current model on Western Europe from MyOcean

Squid - files grib

Routing data

    • Routing: This tool  enables you to calculate a route based on the forecast weather
    • Routing management (create, add, insert and edit several waypoints).
    • Calculating distances between two points on the globe

Squid allows you to superimpose on the same map the majority of available data and even too superimpose two Grib files competing models. You can also make a meteogram to analyze the evolution of a weather variable over time.

Squid - Routing

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