SQUID X is a software that downloads and manages weather files.

In addition, it predicts the trajectory of your boat based on weather variables using its routing function. It can even compare different sources of weather data and provide access to colorized satellite images.

SQUID X also integrates tide data (via Worldtide.info) into your forecasts and routings, allowing you to use water levels anywhere in the world for safer sailing.

This version of our software is the same on the MacOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Download SQUID X for Mac OS, Linux or Windows

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Version: Squid X 1.19.5
Licence: FREE
Release: January 01, 2024
Language: English

Platform Minimum version Configuration Size
Windows Windows 7 64 bits 193 Mb
Mac OS 10.15.X 64 bits 204 Mb
Linux Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 11
64 bits 133 Mb

SQUID X uses your IRIDIUM GO: with 3 clicks, connect to the Internet and download your weather forecasts and live routing!

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