Tidal forecast in SQUID X 1.10.0

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You already knew our SQUID software proposal and its subscriptions for your wind, wave and current forecasts ... At the start of 2020, we are adding the tides to the catalog of data accessible via SQUID X 1.10.0 on Mac and Windows!

In collaboration with WorldTides.info, recognized leader in tide forecasting, you will be able to view the water heights according to the tide anywhere in the world (more than 8000 tide stations available).

But also add tide criteria for your routes in order to best plan your departures and arrivals in all corners of the world ... All you need to do in our routing module is to specify the departure time or arrival time corresponding to the desired water height (in "time schedule" simply click "request tides" and SQUID X will give you the water heights at the start and finish of your navigation.

We did choose the L.A.T. (Lowest Astronomical Tide) datum for the tides, same as the used, for instance, by the UK Hydrograhic Office for their marine charts.

Download the new version of SQUID X  And use this new functionality without limits with your HIRES subscription or higher. This module is offered to you for a period of 1 month. Be the amongst the first 100 to react, tell us what you would like to see evolve in this Squid module ... and gain "unlimited tide" access for your next yearly subscription.

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